About Us

Coding-Html-circleFounded in 2011 by developers with over a two decades of combined experience, Etopian Inc. specializes in enterprise software, web development, web hosting, and computer support services. We provide businesses, non-profits, and individuals with the cutting edge solutions that they need to excel in their respective fields. Based in Alberta, we cater to an international roster of clients. Wherever high-quality IT services are required, we are there to deliver!

Web design, web development, web hosting and more!

Regardless of your budget, we provide high-quality services that are unparalleled. We are capable of providing web design, web hosting, marketing, e-commerce, as well as ERP implementations all using Open Source tools. We also provide project management services to manage the development and implementation of your next project. Our web hosting and web design services are a notch above the rest using a high performance stack that combines Nginx, PHP-FPM, and Percona DB (a variant of MySQL), and we pride ourselves in our thoroughness, meticulousness and dependability.

High quality IT services from the experts

We guarantee that our clients will receive only the highest quality services from individuals who are experts in IT solutions, ensuring that you get the best value for your dollar no matter how limited your budget. We don’t just look for solutions to make your business run smoother and increase your bottom line – we design solutions that help to make your business excel, and we tailor the solutions to fit even the most complex of business problems. Further, we make our solutions user friendly so that everyone in our client’s organization can get the most out of them.

Large or small budgets

Etopian Inc. understands that not every business is capable of large investments. We believe that even small businesses on a limited budget should be given equal leverage to enable themselves to excel and increase their potential for profit and growth. We are there to give them just the right amount of leverage they need with rates that are compatible with their budget.

Eye catching, innovative web design

With online marketing and advertisement being at the forefront of business today, we provide fast and reliable web development services that guarantee high-quality websites that are more than just functional – they are dynamic and engaging. We help our clients find the right fit between different technologies to generate the most eye-catching and inventive websites you have ever laid your eyes on. With our mastery of simple content management systems such as WordPress to the more complex ones like Drupal, we provide websites that do more than just showcase your business, product, or service — they improve its performance and bottom line!

Best of everything!

We believe that dynamism is the key to attaining the kind of following you need in order to excel in the online world, so we combine the best of web development and design with high-quality impeccable SEO and content development. Our developers are marketing experts, with an expertise that extends many if not all facets of the web-based sales and marketing. We understand that an online presence is integral to the success of any modern business and we incorporate all of our web-savvy knowledge to help any business achieve the kind of presence necessary for it to flourish.

Web property management is also available

We strives to provide the right kind of web management services to help out with the overall productivity of your site. Exercising meticulous control and well-thought out planning which leads to a constant influx of web traffic, we ensure that your websites will receive the following that it needs in order to be a cut above the rest. Our hosting services provide reliable and highly efficient cloud computing offerings that result in faster results in a shorter amount of time, and with less hassle.

What can we say, we love to serve!

We at Etopian Inc. love to get to know our clientele to be able to understand their needs better. If you or your company looking for the best web development services available today, feel free to contact us and peruse our portfolio. We look forward to working with you in helping you achieve your immediate and long-term business goals.