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WordPress LogoWordPress is an awesome, innovative, and easy to use content management system (CMS) that we recommend to everyone wanting superb software to energize their professional web presence. Calgary WordPress developers have been using WordPress for over seven years and we really love what it has to offer. WordPress powered websites are easy on the wallet as well as the eyes. Users that we know personally in Calgary and elsewhere who’ve used WordPress absolutely love it, and we know that you too will love WordPress!

WordPress Web Development in Calgary

Our Calgary-based clients love WordPress for many reasons, but one of the most compelling is ease of use. With WordPress our clients can keep their websites updated often with just one hour of training. This helps our local clients get the most out of their websites. If our clients don’t have time to maintain their websites, we are happy to do that for them and WordPress makes this service very cost-effective.

Quality WordPress Web Design and WordPress Web Development

Further, by customizing existing professional WordPress templates, we can offer professional WordPress websites for as little as $100/page, depending on your expectations, needs, and marketing budget. This is a great deal for both Calgary-based entrepreneurs and Calgary-based businesses interested in presenting themselves professionally while still staying on budget. If you have a larger budget, however, we can really kick it up a notch and produce even more flavorful results.

Whatever your needs, we can make WordPress work for you and your business. Give your local WordPress experts a call today 1-888-657-4005 or use our handy dandy contact form.

WordPress Web Design & WordPress Web Development — $3,000-25,000

We are expert WordPress developers providing professional, high quality WordPress web development, WordPress web design, WordPress support, WordPress theme development and services to customers in Calgary, Alberta.

WordPress Support, WordPress Troubleshooting, and WordPress Problem Solving – $75/hr.

If you have a CSS issue in your theme that you can't quite figure out, we can help you solve that. Have a problem with the jQuery or JavaScript driving your website, we can help you with that. How about a PHP error? Sure we have got you covered with that.

WordPress Debugging — $75/hour

We are WordPress experts with decades of experience and for $50.00 per hour we will make your problems our problem and solve it. We will also try to do this in record time.

WordPress Training – $200-$2500

Instead of wasting time searching for WordPress tutorials that speak the kind of English you understand, you can always opt to get one-on-one coaching for WordPress use from Etopian, Inc.

CiviCRM WordPress Integration — $5,000 to $25,000

WordPress is a great companion for CiviCRM because it allows CiviCRM developers to build very useful multi-user communities for non-profits. CiviCRM allows for management and constant contact with your constituents whether they be patrons, members or volunteers.

WordPress Hacked Site Recovery — $500

So your WordPress site was hacked and you need to recover the site? Perhaps Google is telling you that your site was hacked. You might see messages on your browser stating "Report Attack Page!" or "The Website Contains Malware" or you might see something that "This site may be compromised" in Google results. Any of these messages are a great indication that your site has been hacked by a hacker for some nefarious purpose. We help website owners recovered from hacked Joomla! websites.

WordPress Network/Multisite to Single Site — $50/site

You have a network of WordPress sites. You however have found this is a headache to administer and secure and would like to split these sites into single sites. We can help you that!

WordPress Theme Installation & Configuration — $500/theme

You just bought a premium theme. You, however, don't know what to do next. Setting up a theme can at times be a headache. Many themes are difficult to configure. We can help you configure your WP site with your chosen theme!

WordPress Plugin Installation & Configuration — $500/module

Some modules in WordPress are very easy to install and configure others not so much. For those modules which are more difficult to configure, we offer our services to configure the module for you. We won't just configure the module, but will train you on how to use the module with your site.

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