WordPress Training – $200-$2500


Student-3-circleIf you have heard people saying that WordPress is the best and easiest software with which to build and run your own website, then yes it’s true. Learning how WordPress works certainly beats having to spend years familiarizing yourself with programming in PHP or Python, something which increases in complexity quickly as you add new features to your site. Not to mention the maintenance costs involved with supporting all that code yourself. You may have had an easy time learning basic HTML, but it definitely won’t be the same once you start tackling programming languages such as PHP and Python.

But you can forget all about that if you choose to employ WordPress. And truth is, it’s not a decision that you are likely to regret, but only if you are fully aware of what building a WordPress website entails. Keep in mind, building a website with WordPress still requires some coding and marketing your website on WordPress will still rely on search engine optimization.

Key Facts

  • One-on-one or group-based WordPress training.
  • Topics can include usage, web design, and/or web development.
  • Configure and modify themes, plugins, forms etc.
  • Maintain and secure WordPress.
  • Available in Central and Southern Alberta at your home, business, or University of Calgary (groups)
  • Only $300/person or $500/group for up to 8 hours.
  • Run by a WordPress/PHP/CSS/JQuery developer/designer with 10 years of experience.
  • All sessions include 140 page WP usage guide.


Number of people Duration Price
Individual Hourly (2-hour min.) $75/hr
Individual Daily $300/day
Individual Weekly $1500/week
Group Hourly (2-hour min.) $100/hr
Group Daily $500/day
Group Weekly $2500/week
Travel Surcharge* Variable $250-$1000 + $250/additional day
  • Only applies to travel outside of Calgary, AB. Pays for the cost of travel and lounging.

One-on-one or group training

We offer one-on-one training at your home or business by a qualified WordPress web developer and web designer. We only provide a day-long service. For groups and businesses our rates is $500/day. During this time our trainer can help you or your organization learn any aspect of WordPress, web design, or web development. They can even help you start your own web site using a template!

Online E-learning

We offer one-on-one or group training online by a qualified WordPress web developer and web designer. The cost of this service for individuals is $50/hr with a two hour minimum or $250/day for 8 hours. For groups and businesses our rates are $75/hr and $350/day respectively. During this time our trainer can help you or your organization learn any aspect of WordPress, web design, or web development. They can even help you start your own web site using a template! Please contact us to book a session or for more information. This service is available anywhere.

Learn from a Professional and Experienced WordPress Training Coach

Instead of wasting time searching for WordPress tutorials that speak the kind of language you understand, you can always opt to get one-on-one coaching for WordPress use from Etopian, Inc.
If you take one-on-one training sessions from a WordPress Coach, you get to enjoy the following benefits.

Learn at your own pace

Get the answers to your questions immediately – no need to wait in vain for answers in support forums.
As for what you can exactly learn from these coaching sessions, the sky’s literally the limit. It all depends on how much you want to learn and how far you want to go.

Topics we can teach you about

  • How to make your posts and pages in WordPress optimized for search engines
  • How to maximize use of categories and tags
  • How to come up with SEO-friendly content without relying on black hat techniques
  • How to upload, insert, and optimize images and thumbnails
  • How to make use of sliders, sidebars, and other web design features from WordPress
  • How to choose or create the right plugins for your site
  • How to integrate social media tools with your WordPress page
  • And much, much more

Those barely scratch the surface of what you can literally enjoy learning with your own WordPress coach from Etopian, Inc. Best of all, you can choose when and what time your session would start. There are no strings attached either, which means you can just pay for one training session or you can enjoy greater savings by signing up for a series of sessions. It’s your choice.

Contact us today and we can start discussing the best and most budget-friendly way to begin your fun and soon-to-be profitable journey in learning all about WordPress. Our rates start at $50.00 an hour with discounts for groups.

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