Announcing WordPress Docker Unofficial Tutorial

Earlier we created to give a tutorial on how to use our Docker WordPress image, that we personally use for hosting all of our sites, which can be found on Docker WordPress Image. Unfortunately Docker shut us down, due to trademark issues they told us to get rid of the domain name, so we […]

Published on: 17 November 2016
Posted by: Sami K.

Deploying WordPress on Docker

The goal here is to use the base image provided by passenger to create a full blown hosting environment for WP. Docker seems to be catching on… So it makes sense to make that much easier, and so we’re working on making deploying WordPress on Docker easier. Stay tuned, but in the meanwhile check this […]

Published on: 7 August 2015
Posted by: Sami K.

The importance of spending on your website

The web is a big place with lots of customers, and in order to take advantage of the web you must have a website. But having a website is not enough. It is absolutely necessary that you maintain your website by keeping it fresh. Adding new content is a must! So is creating new pages […]

Published on: 1 August 2015
Posted by: Sami K.

CiviCRM Bounce Processing Using SES

Amazon SES bounce process for CiviCRM using IMAP. Redirect your bounce messages to an e-mail address and then use this to process that. Very useful.

Published on: 11 February 2015
Posted by: Sami K.

Being more like the NSA

The NSA as we learned in 2013 has been watching our every move. They are interested in gathering all this information in one place. And for what? Well in order to identify problems which may be of risk to persons or property. The FBI then will be dispatched to deal with this. Now many people […]

Published on: 16 August 2014
Posted by: Sami K.

Free Timesnapper Alternative

Timesnapper is a great piece of software. It takes screenshots of your computer while you work and tracks your productivity using those screenshots. Productive Peach is a similar piece of software that does similar things to Timesnapper… It takes screenshots of your computer while you work. It only takes screenshots while you are at your […]

Published on: 12 August 2014
Posted by: Sami K.

How Calgary Brands Should Move Online

Purchasing behavior of consumers has changed with the dominance of Internet, Calgarians more now than ever look to the internet for information about products and services that they might in interested in purchasing. Individuals no longer browse catalogs from their mailboxes. Rather, they browse the Internet hunting for the newest products, trends, and styles. Next […]

Published on: 21 July 2014
Posted by: Chad C.

Drupal – Setting multiple flags using hook_flag_flag

Drupal has a great flag module that is able to flag pieces of content. Sometimes you want one flag to be able to set other flags as well. Drupal provides a hook for whenever an item is flagged. This hook can’t easily be used to flag an item beacuse each time you attempt to flag […]

Published on: 27 June 2014
Posted by: Sami K.

MySQL – Create a database and user with a random password

[bash] #!/bin/bash EXPECTED_ARGS=2 E_BADARGS=65 MYSQL=`which mysql` PASS=`tr -cd ‘[:alnum:]’ < /dev/urandom | fold -w16 | head -n1` echo $PASS Q1="CREATE DATABASE IF NOT EXISTS $1;" Q2="GRANT USAGE ON *.* TO $2@localhost IDENTIFIED BY '$PASS';" Q3="GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON $1.* TO $2@localhost;" Q4="FLUSH PRIVILEGES;" SQL="${Q1}${Q2}${Q3}${Q4}" if [ $# -ne $EXPECTED_ARGS ] then echo "Usage: $0 dbname […]

Published on: 28 June 2013
Posted by: Sami K.