Frequently Asked Questions

newsDo you offer plans of a shorter length?

No. Every engagement has significant overhead cost associated with it. The overhead comes from understanding the problem, communication, administration costs, etc. Further, just as business people need reliability, so do we. So in order to create an actual revenue stream that we can build our business on top of we have designed our plans to be long term engagements similar to employment. If you need cheap, unreliable, inexperienced help, please look to contractors on freelancing sites from India or the Philippines. We do not cater to that segment of the market, nor do we have an intention of doing so in the future.

Why are your plans so expensive?

Our plans are a bargain, they come out to be only $37.50/hr. for experienced developers. This is significantly less than you would pay for an in-house developer when all is said and done. Our plans are cheaper than hiring an employee with significantly less administration headaches involved. Your customers expect a certain level of service from you, and that level of service can not be provided by freelancers. Period. But please, if you think you can build your business on top of unreliable help we encourage you to try, perhaps there is more profit in it. We know from experience that not to be the case, but please try it on your own and drop us a line when you find success.

Can you work out of our office?

Yes it is possible that at least some of the time we can send someone over to work out of your office. This depends on the time of the year, we don’t usually do this in winter. It also depends on where your office is located. If the commute is too long, then it will not be possible for us to maintain office hours. Please contact us and we’ll see what makes a win-win out of this situation. But in general yes we love to come work with you in your office a few days a month.