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Productive Peach is a cross-platform desktop application which automatically takes screenshots of your desktop to help track your computer usage. It’s great for tracking productivity and billing!

With Productive Peach you always have proof that the amount of hours billed are the actual amount of hours worked — and if you’re stretching the truth a bit you know that as well. So you can essentially bill every single hour no matter what. Productive Peach takes a different approach towards tracing your work habits and billing your clients. Instead of worrying about recording everything you do, do the things you want to do… then when it’s time to bill, record whatever you need to record after reviewing the screenshots with the timestamps.

Billing and Productivity Tracking for Everyone!

Automatic screenshots

  • Contractors
  • Bookkeepers
  • Freelancers
  • Software Programmers
  • Reddit / Internet Addicts
  • Productivity geeks
  • Secretaries
  • Web Developers
  • Writers
  • Researchers
  • Pretty much anyone who uses a computer…

Let Your Employees Track Their Own Productivity

In today’s world it is not difficult to covertly monitor your employees and discipline them for misusing company computers. It is however much more useful to make your employees better workers by helping them learn about their shortcomings in using their time on the computer wisely. Productive Peach helps you do just that. Simply have your employees install Productive Peach on their computers and encourage them to spend 15 minutes at the end of the day reviewing their computer usage. Your employees will then learn more about their habits and can do something to correct the problem. This allows your employees to develop self-control and does not seem under handed, or stepping over the line and freedom of your workers.

Cross-platform C++ for Performance

It is important for us that our tools be available on as many different platforms as possible, but also be easy to use. Therefore, we have targeted the three major desktop platforms – Windows, Linux, and Mac. Our application is written in C++ which means that it is fast and does not eat too much CPU or memory, despite displaying over a thousand screen-shots thumbnails. This in effect keeps your laptop from getting hot while you leave Productive Peach running in the background.

Inactivity Timer

automatic screenshots linuxProductive Peach only takes screenshots while you are at your computer. This is great because you don’t want to look at hour long screenshots where nothing happens. After a period of inactivity, by default 20 seconds, Productive Peach will mark your computer as inactive and stop taking screenshots. When you return, you will see the dialog (right) which allows you to record the time away from your computer.

This is great because it allows you to potentially record things you did for your client while you were away from your computer which you can then bill them for… Without Productive Peach or some other software, much of this information is lost and unaccounted for. Imagine being able to bill a single additional hour, that’s worth $50 for many freelancer.