Joomla! Training – $150 to $2,500

Student-3-circleJoomla! is a complex content management system that can do a lot, but at the same time comes with a very steep learning curve. As long time Joomla! developers we can be your guides through the often uncharted jungle that is Joomla!. We can help you learn how to use Joomla!, which on its own sometimes seems like a major accomplishment. We can also help you learn how various aspects of Joomla! like fields, views, or flags work. We can advise you on picking the right modules for the job at hand. We can even teach you how you can modify Joomla! themes or build Joomla! modules. Contact us today to get started on the path to mastering Joomla!.

Key Facts

  • One-on-one or Group-based Joomla! Training.
  • Topics can include
    • Basic concepts like domain register, DNS configuration, SFTP, etc.
    • Installing or moving Joomla!.
    • Using Cpanel, PhpMyAdmin and MySQL.
    • Usage and web design.
    • Installing, configuring, utilizing Joomla! modules.
    • Solving bugs and problems with your website.
    • Developing modules or modifying existing themes.
    • Configuring existing modules.
  • Your home, office, or meeting rooms for groups.
  • Any time during the day.


Number of people Duration Price
Individual Hourly (2-hour min.) $75/hr
Individual Daily $300/day
Individual Weekly $1500/week
Group Hourly (2-hour min.) $100/hr
Group Daily $500/day
Group Weekly $2500/week


Let’s build a site together – $2,500

Another option in regards to our training is our week long training package where we send a seasoned developer who has worked with Joomla! for around 10 years to your offices to work with you and your staff/employees to build your site.

The developer will lead and train you and your co-workers(s) as a team to develop your new site. And teach you whatever you are interested in as you go along.

Usually the process involves using a commercial premium theme and then customizing that. It is also possible to take your graphic designer’s idea and create a brand new theme using that, but this process in itself can easily take one week. Therefore, we recommend using a commercial theme.

The end result of this effort is specific knowledge of Joomla!, enough to achieve the task of re-doing your website. It is not possible to make a Joomla! expert in a few days. It is only enough time to pass enough knowledge to achieve certain tasks. As a result of this process, you will also have a good start on a website, and enough knowledge so that you and your co-workers can then complete the site on your own.

A week long course will run your company $2,500. The training will be done at your offices with as many people as you wish to bring along. Currently, we can only provide this service for Joomla! 7, as Joomla! 8 has yet to be released and then it will take some more time after that for commercial themes and modules to catch up.

We also offer a similar service as described above with WordPress… which often is a better choice because of its ease of use compared to Joomla!.

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