WordPress Network/Multisite to Single Site — $50/site

You have a network of WordPress sites using multisite functionality of WordPress. You, however, have found this is a headache to administer and secure and would like to split these sites into single sites. How can you do this be done? Well you can search Google for tutorials and the have the headache of exporting each site out. Or you can hire us to split the network into single sites. You will get a full single site install with files and database for each site in your.

Move sites to their down domains

We can also move each one of the sites to their own domains or different domain. Just let us what you need and we’ll make that happen. You will receive each site in its own zip containing the WP install as well as a database file that you can import using PHPMyadmin. If you would prefer we can provide hosting for each of the sites as well using our DevOPly platform.


$50/site with 10 site minimum.

What we need from you

We need access to CPanel or we need a full backup of your site, the files as well as the database. We can handle SSH and SFTP as well, depending on your preference. The turn around for this is 2-3 days.

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