Software We Wrote

This is software written completely by us on our free time. It includes things that we had an itch to write or things which we felt made our lives better — and we thought we’d share that with the world. In any case, enjoy using this software; we enjoyed writing it for you!

We also provide software development services for custom desktop or web software. If you think your organization could benefit from such software, contact us today. But be warned, custom software can be very expensive and most of the time it does not make sense to reinvent the wheel but to leverage existing open source software and extend that and fortunately, we can help you there as well.

BookONO E-book Manager

BookONO is a free e-book manager for Mac, Linux, WIndows and is written using the QT4 toolkit.

PHP CLI Framework

PHP command line interface framework is a simple class that you can extend to quickly create a command line app using PHP. Only a single file is needed and anything else extends that file.

Automatic Screenshots for Windows Mac Linux

Productive peach is an application that automatically takes screenshots of your desktop and tracks your productivity. It takes a different approach towards tracing your work habits and billing your clients. With Productive Peach you always have proof that the amount of hours billed are the actual amount of hours worked -- and if you're stretching the truth a bit you know that as well. So you can essentially bill every single hour no matter what.

IP Network Ping Tool – Freeware

PingDeli is a freeware ping tool. It is written in C# using WPF Framework 4.0 and is compatible with all flavors of Windows. It supports pinging single or multiple hosts and IP addresses simultaneously and show the results in a graphical line graph, which makes it easier to understand what's going on. Users can also view historical charts by saving them as html reports. PingDeli supports anything from Windows XP on to Windows 8.