Free Timesnapper Alternative

Productive Peach_004
Timesnapper is a great piece of software. It takes screenshots of your computer while you work and tracks your productivity using those screenshots. Productive Peach is a similar piece of software that does similar things to Timesnapper… It takes screenshots of your computer while you work. It only takes screenshots while you are at your computer. It allows you to set the compression of your files.

It also has a number of features not found in any other current offerings.

  • Provides a thumbnail view of all the screenshots.
  • Allow you to upload your screenshots online with one click.
  • Is cross-platform and works on Macs, Linux, and Windows.
  • Allows you to organize your screenshots into Projects and Tasks.
  • Can upload the screenshots from each of your machines to a single combined location.
  • Many more features to come…

So if you are interested in automatically taking screenshots of your computer try Productive Peach. It’s totally worth it.

Published on: 12 August 2014
Posted by: Sami K.