Five Super Simple SEO tips

Use headings that your target market is searching for

The headings, meaning the h1 tag, on the pages of your site must be appreciable enough to let your visitors and search engines know the topic that your post or page is targetting. Don’t use images for your headings, search engines can not read these. Images may serve as better visuals but text headings, preferably using the h1 tag are always better to provide appropriate information on different web pages in a clear and concise way that your visitors and search engines are expecting. They also have the added effect of helping your search engine ranking.

Find the best position of the site search box

Nowadays, people are buzzing around the web like busy bees. When they want to find information, they want it fast! Visitors who want specific information on your site might use the your search box to find it, and therefore you must put some thought into the best place to put your search box. You can optimize the search box by creating filters that identify specific keywords related to the articles posted in your website. Search technologies like the Solr search engine can help do this with leading content management systems like Drupal and WordPress.

Select a customized theme

Generic themes might look good, but just like their name suggests they have generic written all over them. A personalized theme for your website is the best way to go. You get to choose which styles for your text, pictures, and links would go along well with the products you are endorsing. Remember that repetition is not advisable since the developer may use different page templates for each important web page part.

Provide supporting images

Do not forget to incorporate images in your post. However, you must not let overdo it. Using too many images and too little text can weaken the search engine optimization of a page, around 200-300 words per page along with a good title image is deal for pages and posts. Also, it’s useful to add title and alt descriptors to the image tag. This may help you get traffic through Google’s image search.


The very important part of every post is its content. The details must be enough for the viewer to thoroughly understand the thought expressed by the web page. We also encourage you to include contact information which builds credability. Make the presentation of the products appealing. Do not forget to add description on the products and services to support the visual facts that product image may provide. Utilize stylish fonts, pretty background images and interesting  heading to increase the appeal of your page’s appearance.

Published on: 7 January 2013
Posted by: Chad C.