When is the right time for a webdesign redesign??

If you manage a web site, chances are high that you frequently wonder whether it’s the right time to carry out a full site redesign/upgrade of your respective web site. Here are a few considerations before taking the plunge:

Are you currently contemplating a redesign simply because you have the budget available? If you answered yes to that particular question, it’s not yet right time to carry out an overhaul. Remember, a web site serves a particular purpose. In case you are unsure if you want to do an overhaul on your web site, remember that your existing may have a particular purpose that you may not be aware of. You may lose that purpose if you do a redesign.

However, when your website looks like it was done in the 1990s or even 2000s, perhaps it is the right time to carry out a redesign. The very last thing you’d want to happens for your visitors to leave your websites without examining your content because the look is outdated. This being your case, here are a few points to think about before conducting a redesign.

Redesigning your site is like performing sophisticated medical procedure. In the process your site or blog is bound to lose its current identity; your regular visitors won’t recognize your recent design initially. You risk losing them because they think they have landed on the wrong site. Hence, it is extremely essential that you retain a some defining feature from the old layout. Maybe it is the brand of your respective site; maybe it is precisely the same text style used for the title of your site.

To play it safe, place a poll on your site to let your regular patrons decide whether the site needs a redesign. In the event that they think it really is needed for the web site to get a fresh look, gave it to the people!

Published on: 25 June 2011
Posted by: Sami K.