Some ways for Calgary businesses to promote their brands online


There are numerous sites like WordPress where you can blog for free. This can serve as your platform to promote your brand(s). It’s your choice to sell directly or indirectly.

Article marketing

The key in this marketing tool is writing contents that are of use to your target readers. Share a tip or two about web designing. Embedding links to the articles is helpful. This will direct your visitors to your sites.

Video marketing

People who are into web designing are more often than not visual types. Videos of you treating them with helpful web designing tricks and tips would surely be a hit for them. Post the videos on your sites or upload it to YouTube and other popular sites.

Making use of social networking sites

Facebook, Twitter and other networking sites are so “in” so why don’t you jump into the bandwagon and make use of its fame.

Published on: 12 November 2012
Posted by: Chad C.