Why WordPress is a winner

Etopian Inc. critically analyzed all the best publishing and blogging platform out there and we have decided that WordPress is still the winner. For us this wasn’t a big surprise, we have been using WordPress for over 6 years and in that time it has definitely come out on top for us more often than not. After all, WordPress, or simply WP as it’s commonly referred to, is largely accepted by newbie bloggers and old school web publishers. Enumerated below are the reasons why it’s number one in almost everyone’s list.


Among the CMS platforms made available, WP is one of the easiest to use. You could basically learn how to do important things in a single day. It requires absolutely no experience from any user other than how to use a computer. No matter how many pages you would like to add and content you would like to upload, there would be no hassle involved. Because of the tons of practical plugins like image galleries, slider carousels and the like, you could make your website engaging and attractive. WP also paves the way for ultimate customization. You have the power to arrange your pages any way you want it. What’s more, WP can be linked to other social media; thus, providing you an opportunity to connect fast and effortlessly to your target market.


Users can set their minds at ease that their data, especially the most important aspects are protected. Even more, it’s further possible to improve the security using various free plugins and incorporating server-side anti-spam measures.

Dependable when it comes to SEO

Search engine organization or SEO is undoubtedly an effective marketing tool that plays a key role in generating web traffic. Etopian Inc. can help you further in this endeavor. Bear in mind that wider client base means more profit more often than not.

Always updated info about your products and services

Another benefit that the WP can give you are practical solutions regarding the updating of information about your products and services. No matter how fast the pace of your customers’ lifestyle, WordPress has ways to reach them.

Reinforces client satisfaction

Together with the tools presented by this publishing platform, Etopian Inc.’s has the capacity to build websites that improves the manner of delivering service to the customers. This will only result to generation of sales and even loyalty in the long run. In addition, you will have the means to widen your client base through attracting new clients and keeping them through effective communication.


With WP using services like Google Analytics, you can get feedback from your clients in real-time without the need to draft questions and administer a survey. Not only that, you can deduce more vital details as well. This is because tracking and analytics give you an idea how people who take time to drop by use your website. You can determine which pages are looked at more often, what questions are usually asked and whether or not they find answers to them. This way, figuring out keywords you should utilize for SEO should not be much of a challenge.

Published on: 13 November 2012
Posted by: Sami K.