Drupal Problem Solving/Debugging — $75/hour

beeDrupal is an excellent CMS that does so much for so little. However, sooner or later you will run into unexpected problems that may very well ruin your day. Wouldn’t it be great if you had someone to count on to solve your problems? We can help you with that!

For $75 an hour have a Drupal expert solve your problems!

We are Drupal experts with over a decade of experience in PHP and Drupal. For $75 an hour we will make your problems our problem and solve them for you. We will also try to do this in record time so you don’t have to wait a week to get your website going again. Time is money, and money is time — and that’s why it makes sense to pay an expert to solve your problems.

How to solve simple problems

So how exactly do you debug Drupal problems? Well there are a number of ways to go about it. One simple method is to turn on and up the logging level in PHP and Apache or whichever web server your hosting company happens to be using (Nginx or LightHTTPD) and going through the logs to intuitively determine what the errors mean — once you have looked at thousands of errors or written tens of thousands of lines of code it quickly becomes evident exactly what might be going on behind the scenes. Once we determine what’s wrong, we can then determine what to do about it. There are a number of simple errors like PHP timeouts, memory overflows, or code incompatibility that can kill your Drupal. There are also more complex problems like bugs in the code itself. We can figure out what’s wrong and fix it in no time.

How to solve more complex problems

More complex methods of debugging involve using an actual debugger like xDebug and looking at the actual code as it executes. Using this method one can figure out exactly what variables are wrong or what piece of code is taking way too long to execute. One can then use this method to figure out exactly how to remedy the situation by rewriting the code or fixing a variable which is not being properly set for example. All in all we can fix most problems with your Drupal installs, and if we can’t then no charge.

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