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Application-Map-circleWith the whole world going mobile, people in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Lethbridge, heck, all over Canada and the United States are shifting from their outdated desktops and laptops and have started to depend more and more on their mobile devices for online connectivity. With this new medium comes an ever broader means to advertise and market your business and products.

Majority of web sites are not ready for the mobile web

Online connectivity through mobile phones has started to revolutionize the way we think about business, marketing, and advertising. The minor drawback of web connectivity through mobile devices like mobile phones is that the majority of websites are sites designed to be viewed on a desktop or laptop computer. While this may not seem like much of an issue, it hassles individuals who would rather have their web pages fit the display configurations of their own device whether it be a phone or a tablet or a desktop.

Mobile website design: A new hope

Responsive web design is a solution meant to remedy this problem through customized code which make your websites “respond” to the specifications of the device regardless of whether it is a desktop, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet.

We also specialize in the creation of customized responsive web designs, responsive web layouts, and full-fledged responsive websites for businesses, non-profits and personal websites; including websites for marketing, advertising and other uses.

Unlike viewing ordinary website via your mobile phone, Etopian Inc. is dedicated to creating high-quality web layouts that offer the perfect fit for your mobile web browser, making data and other pertinent information easier and quicker to access.

Google recommends responsive web design

Recently, Google recommended responsive web design as a solution for the rise of the mobile web. With online business still being led to the forefront by SEO optimization, we specialize in designing responsive web sites that are SEO compatible. Flaunting a mastery of responsive web design and a flair for bringing out the beauty in relative simplicity, we are forging a future in website design that can benefit any company who wishes to expand their services to include clients subscribed via mobile phones, tablets, or desktop computers.

Gone are the simple text message reminders and the annoying calls, as you get fully-functional, aesthetically pleasing, and highly engaging websites that are as good as their larger variants right in the comfort of a mobile device. With this revamp in web design come unprecedented but much needed improvements.

Responsive as your mobile strategy

With mobile browsing slowly replacing and augmenting conventional means of accessing the internet, we have started to modify old web sites to encompass the smaller sized screens of mobile devices. Gone are the web sites you have to pinch and scroll to use and type on awkwardly, these days we try to offer our clients with designs that will work on any device. If your business wants a lead in this cutting edge brand of progress, we can provide you with high-quality website design to allow your business to expand beyond the confines of the home and office, and into the daily lives of individuals who are unwired via mobile phones, mobile tablets, and other mobile devices.

With us, the future is the present, and the possibilities are absolutely endless!

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