Choosing a distributed revision control host

We have been using github recently to host our code — being able to manage our code using version control is incredibly useful for a number of reasons. I also have been hosting a git repository on a virtual server. We have felt the need to move everything to github, but have felt their pricing was steep and unwarranted, especially for the number of repositories that we need to host.

Well now we have another choice in the form of bitbucket. Bitbucket, in the past, was a mercurial only service (another distributed version control system) but in the past 4 months they have added support for git — awesome. So we will be moving my stuff there and we recommend other developers to follow our lead and do the same. Even if it is to back up your existing repos that are sitting on github.

As a bonus bitbucket allows your code to be private, without paying a cent… Which another awesome plus!

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Published on: 27 March 2012
Posted by: Sami K.
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