Google vs. Bing Load Times

Now this is conjecture and opinion, I do not have proof of anything that I am about to say, and you have to make your own conclusions on the veracity of these claims based on your own experience.

One interesting thing that I recently noticed is that Google search seems to be slower on Firefox, at least on my laptop, than it is on Chrome. I chocked that up to Firefox’s performance which, to me, is still lagging in comparison to Chrome. I have noticed similar differences on YouTube. Firefox loads Youtube slower than Chrome.

However, is it possible that it’s done on purpose? That Google properties are optimized to work faster on Chrome than on Firefox? If that were to be the case that would be a rather sad day for competition.

One place where I have personally noticed a significant difference is between page load times is between Bing vs. Google Search. Now if you use Bing on Firefox it seems significantly faster than Google search on Firefox. However, Bing on Google Chrome seems faster still compared to Google search on Chrome. So we’re sort of left with a mystery.

Why is Bing faster on both Firefox and on Chrome compared to Google search. What can Google to do to make its search and other products faster for Firefox users so that it is on par with the performance of Bing for Firefox users?

Anyway that’s my opinion and for now I am sticking to it.

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Published on: 30 June 2012
Posted by: Sami K.
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