Mobile WordPress themes or mobile subdomains?

These days, web developers and their customers love to see websites accessible through mobile phones. The use of tablets and smart phones has made it easier to access internet anywhere, so there is great demand for web developers to refresh existing websites and equip them with the ability to be accessed through an iPad, an […]

Published on: 18 May 2012
Posted by: AJ B.

How to add prefix to post permalinks in WordPress

I had a problem. My problem was simple and was this. I had a bunch of pages that I wanted normal permalinks for and a bunch of blog posts that I wanted to be prefixed with ‘blog/’. Well there is a plugin called Post Format Permalink that will fix this problem for you. Simply install […]

Published on: 21 April 2012
Posted by: Sami K.

Choosing a distributed revision control host

We have been using github recently to host our code – being able to manage our code using version control is incredibly useful for a number of reasons. I also have been hosting a git repository on a virtual server. We have felt the need to move everything to github, but have felt their pricing […]

Published on: 27 March 2012
Posted by: Sami K.
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HeadBlade Marketing Meme

Found this excellent execution of a marketing meme on Reddit. It’s for a company that manufacturers razors. Notice that nothing but the text is posted, no images or hubris. And it is tolerated by the community without too much blow back. Visit Reddit

Published on: 13 March 2012
Posted by: Sami K.